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The latest news

Here we are again with another blatant marketing ploy for Spring!

If you buy ‘NIL LYRICUS SHETLANDIUM’ Album by Mickey and Chris

Nil Lyricus

we will send you ‘TILL YOU MAKE IT HOME’ Album by Chris East

Till you make it home


You just pay £10 + postage (£3.25) and receive TWO ALBUMS!


….If you order ‘A LIVING LEGEND’ the Live Double Album of their

get-together gig at The Riga Music Bar, Westcliff

A Living Legend

We will include the Double Album ‘UTOPIA’ by Guitarist and songwriter, Mark East



You just pay £15 + postage(£3.25) and receive




Way back in time, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, Chris East made an album called ‘Hotel in the Country’ on GTO Records.

Unfortunately no-one bought it, so Chris moved to the Lake District and joined his old school friend, Mickey Jupp. They wrote some songs together………….and remained poor.

But now, in an unaccustomed burst of philanthropy, and to celebrate what is obviously going to be the year they both become millionaires, we have a wonderful offer for all you LEGEND fans. If you buy the new studio Legend album David(featuring songs Mick and Chris  wrote together and individually)  you will get a copy of

‘Hotel in the Country’


I know! Hard to believe, isn’t it? So, sit down, relax, take a breather and consider the enormity of this offer..........I almost can’t believe it myself!



 Now…..back in the real world……….

…..this album is made up of selected tracks recorded over the last 30 years in front rooms, back rooms and studios,

 All we’ve done is run them through the ‘production process’  and rolled them in glitter! Hope you enjoy the result.

PRICE: £10.00 + £3.25p&p


The digitally restored version of ‘Hotel in the Country’ comes FREE when you buy ‘DAVID

Hotel in the Country

This album features a number of musicians who have gone on to achieve

success in other bands over the last 30 odd years like:


PETE THOMPSON: Professional touring, recording & session drummer

Drums for SILVERHEAD, ROBIN TROWER, etc Currently in the States



JOHN KONGOS: Songwriter and Recording Artist. Currently in the States

ALAN HAWKSHAW: Keyboards for EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES and Arranging and Touring for the past 40 years for high profile artists

B. J. COLE: Pedal Steel session player on many recordings inc. COCHISE, MARK BOLAN, ELTON JOHN, REM, etc.

IAN GIBBONS: Keyboard player for the KINKS


The third album on offer is the Live

album by The Fingers (featuring three quarters of Legend) at the Riga Music Bar, Westcliff  late last year.

The Fingers


Price £10.00 + £3.25 p&p 


The Fingers hailed from Southend-on-Sea and worked extensively all over the UK in the sixties, supporting a huge variety of famous names such as The Zombies, The Move, The Kinks, David Essex, Simon Dupree, Manfred Mann, The Tremeloes, The Equals and many more. Their sixties output (mostly recorded at Abbey Road) was produced by Peter Eden, famous for his associations with Donovan and Bill Fay amongst others.

The Fingers were (allegedly) the first group to wear hillbilly hats, braces and vests and styled themselves as a psychedelic band. There was also a tale in the press that they had a pet monkey called “Freak Out” which produced psychotic smells.

They turned down an offer to work with David Essex, another to be produced by Jonathan King and declined to be “made into stars” by Mickey Most. It seems they found it difficult to grab good opportunities with both hands!

Members of The Fingers have also worked with famous names such as Mickey Jupp, Billy Fury, Suzi Quatro, Chris Farlowe, Frankie Ford, Flaco Jiminez, John Kongos, Robin Trower, Rhet Stoller, and Cliff Richard.

Henry Scott-Irvine (the well known author, broadcast media consultant and radio presenter) was present at a reunion gig at the RIGA Music Bar in Westcliff, when The Fingers played together for the first time since 1967. The songs

represented here were all recorded live at at the gig described by Henry below:

The Fingers emerged in 1966 and recorded their best songs in the summer of 1967. With former members of Dr Feelgood, The Kursaal Flyers and Wilko Johnson’s Solid Senders, gathered alongside former associates of Procol Harum, The Fingers took to the stage on the night of September 21st 2012 in the shape of their original line-up. During the break several TV screens came to life showing The Fingers in May 1967 from the German TV series Beat Beat Beat, which was televised, live in Frankfurt.

The pinnacle of the show was ‘Wade in the Shade’, which was the B-side of ‘Shirl’ undertaken by The Fingers’ alter-ego band Daddy Lindberg. I did say to their bass guitarist, John Bobin, that it was a shame they had not played ‘All Kinds Of People’ and its B-side ‘Circus With A Female Clown’, which are now regarded as psychedelic masterpieces by many, which brings us back to that particular tag ‘psychedelic’.

Record Mirror newspaper said in 1966, ‘The Fingers are as about as psychedelic as Ken Dodd!’ Leaving aside the above two songs, the Daddy Lindberg single and the songs seen on Beat Beat Beat, Record Mirror probably had a point. 

The Fingers were a great 60’s Pop group. They were extremely versatile, then and now. And they had their psychedelic moments, too!”



As you know this and Lars's site (http://www.mickeyjupp.se), are the only sites that let you know what has been happening with members of LEGEND past and present.

All of you who have already bought albums and DVD of Mickey and former members of the band, have helped raise their public profile around the world from the US of A one way to Australia the other!!


SO…………………..the members of LEGEND, past and present….

where are they now and what are they doing?


JOHNNY BOBIN (Bass Player) has been selling copies of his book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bark-Staving-Ronkers-John-Bobin/dp/1419622196 and gigging. He has also made an album with the band HUNT, RUNT, SHUNT AND CUNNINGHAM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX5B9To0AZs entitled ‘Pack up while you’re winning’


BOBBY CLOUTER (Drums) has been gigging and playing with THE UGLY GUYS http://www.myspace.com/theuglyguys  and they too are promoting their latest album, ‘Truckers, Kickers and Cowboy Angels’


MO WITHAM (Lead Guitar/Vocals) has been playing in 16 thousand bands (Well, not quite that many!) and been gigging with Mickey at various venues. He features on all the albums on sale from Wild Bird Records and remains the consummate professional, currently running his own band.



CHRIS EAST (Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals) has continued to write, record and

produce his own and LEGEND recordings with Mo Witham and all the staff at FIREHOUSE STUDIOS, MILLOM www.firehousestudios.co.uk


MICKEY JUPP (Lead Vocals/Piano/Guitar) is currently running his art gallery in Boot Village, Eskdale http://www.eskdale.info/Local.html and writing new songs again after a bit of a lay-off. Lately he has gone back to doing a few live gigs, all of which have been recorded and put on sale at



BARNEY JAMES (Drums) http://barneyjames.co.uk/Check out his latest blog and read how he fits in to the Southend Music scene that produced so many formative musicians.


BILL LEGEND (Drums) http://www.bill-legend.com/Lives in California and plays here with Oriole Express  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4sKzDvKdh4  and in the States. Bill’s drumming will be featured on the next Legend album.


PHIL MITCHELL (Bass Guitar) Started in Chris Steven’s Music Centre and went on to play in various bands, ending up in DR.FEELGOOD http://www.drfeelgood.de/interviews_phil.htm Read interviews with him on Dr. Feelgood site

"Never Too Old To Rock"


living legend

The "Live" double album from LEGEND...........back together again at the Riga Music Bar in Westcliff, Essex

boot tape

Recorded in November over two or three gigs by Mo Witham, this album is an intimate snapshot of  Mick and Mo at their most relaxed…...in a pub!.

The album features 8 new tracks recently written by Mickey…..

You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £15.00 p&p£3.45
You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25
nil lyricus

Second new album is Volume 2 of the Mickey Jupp/ Chris East enhanced song demos entitled ‘NIL LYRICUS SHETLANDIUM’. The title is taken from a sign that hung in AO Studios

reminding writers that ‘no pony lyrics’ were

allowed, meaning no crap lyrics!!

THE THIRD NEW ALBUM is the latest from the original LEGEND Rhythm Guitarist, Chris East. The album features Lead Guitarists, Mo Witham and Mark East
You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25
Christmas songs

4 x Christmas and New Year  Songs from Mr. Christmas….every year I write a Christmas song…..maybe one day? Who knows?

Mo Witham Band

The first of some gigs that Mick did when his bed collapsed at the Goblin Grotto. This one with the Mo Witham Band at the High Cross Inn in Broughton for Angie Jupp

You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £3.99 p&p£3.25 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25


Mickey, Bobby C, Johnny B, Chris E. and Mo got  together to produce this album in an
effort to supplement their Old Age Pensions and become rich and famous….it’s not working yet!

Live at the Riga music bar

A one-off gig at the
Cricketers in Westcliff that harked back to the time when Legend used to play there.  Mick joined the Mo Witham Band again at their old stomping ground

You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25
Country & Northern


Volume 1 of a selection of ‘country’ songs written by Mickey and Chris that were mouldering on a shelf
somewhere in the darkest recesses of the Goblin Grotto and an AO Studios cardboard box!

Mo Witham

Mo did this album at home, covering some timeless classics in his own inimitable style. A chill-out album from a master guitar player

 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25
Remember the future


An epic document of man’s inhumanity to man…’is one way to describe this album of folk-rock songs from ex-Legend rhythm guitarist.
Actually it’s just a collection of songs that I wrote over the years. Accompanied by Mo Witham and Mark East on lead guitars.

After the rain

Jerry and the Hat-Tricks are: Chris East, Mo Witham, Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, & John Kongos. This single is all about Southend-on-Sea and was produced by the late Ray Cameron

You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £1.99 p&p£3.25
Riga DVD


The video of the gig at the Cricketers for your collection shelf




This double album is a collection of the life’s work of Mark East, lead guitarist and songwriter,  who, sadly, died eleven years ago. He is sadly missed.

You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £15.00 p&p£3.25 You can buy your copy of the albums, Price £10.00 p&p£3.25


The Orioles (forerunner to LEGEND)




Barry Vernon (Engineer of the TEN Album) will also be involved with the projects, acting as Senior Engineer and co-producer, along with Steve Home

Chris East is also working on an up and coming project Digitally Re-mastering 14 of the 50 demo tracks he and Mickey co-wrote.



Old News:

The "Red Boot" album has been re-released (limited to 2500 copies) and is available online from: Repertoire Records - REPUK1064.

Mickey's first album 'Legend 1' has now been re-released and is available online from:  Repertoire Records - REP5066 - from 27th April 2007.

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